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Privacy Policy

TERMS & CONDITIONS AGREEMENT                    
By checking in I acknowledge the following:
I  agree to abide by the rules of Maroochy River Resort & Bungalows, a copy of which is available in each unit - and includes but is not limited to 1) nothing illegal 2) no disturbance to others 3) no pets 4) no smoking indoors 5) registered occupants only after 9pm.
TRAVELLER ACCOMMODATION PROVIDERS (LIABILITY) ACT 2001.  Applies only to a Guest of the accommodation provider on a day when an accommodation unit is provided for the use of the Guest; - Is limited to $AUS250 for each accommodation unit provided for the use of the Guest on the day, unless the Guest' property was placed in safe custody facilities; - Does not cover motor vehicles and things owned by the sgueset left in or on motor vehicles.
INDEMNITY Guests staying at Maroochy River Resort & Bungalows take full responsibility for any damage and/or breakages incurred during their stay. Maroochy River Resort & Bungalows takes no responsibility for any lost or stolen items from accommodation or vehicles and suggests that guests securely lock their accommodation and/or motor vehicle when unoccupied. No refunds will be issued. Upon departure, any key deposit or other bonds paid are refunded to the person registered to this booking, provided the keys and/or hired items are returned in the same condition upon check out.  I/we understand and agree to these conditions and the Rules of Stay.
PHOTOGRAPHY I hereby give permission for the use of photographs taken by any member of the MRR&B staff of any of the above mentioned persons for promotion or marketing purposes, including social media. 
EQUIPMENT USE: All craft and equipment are let to hirers at their own risk. MRR&B will not be responsible in any way for any accident, injury, damage or loss, whether direct or indirect, arising from the hire or use thereof. The hirer shall be responsible for any accident, injury, damage or loss and for all damage to the craft and equipment arising from the hire or use thereof or from any breach by the hirer of these conditions and shall indemnify MRR&B  from and against all claims, demands, liabilities, expenses and costs which may be brought against or incurred by MRR&B as a result of any accident, injury or loss arising from such hire use or breach. The hirer accepts full responsibility for ensuring the craft and equipment is used in a proper and careful manner and for familiarising themselves with the relevant tides, marine hazards, weather and safety issues.  For safety reasons hirers must not chain or tie the craft together. The hirer accepts full responsibility for returning all craft and equipment hired in the original prehired state. The hirer is responsible for replacement costs of any damaged craft or equipment or repair work required to return any items to the original prehired state.   Hire commences upon signing out of the craft and continues until it is signed back in. During the booking the hirer must be 18 years or over.   Any use of equipment by family/group members of the hirer under 18 must be supervised by the hirer. The hirer must ensure that all users under 18 years of age wear a life jacket. term the craft must not be taken outside of the designated lake area.